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Hello and welcome to the Zora Neale Hurston Institute for Documentary Studies website. Housed in the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Humanities, we are providing a dynamic cultural context for UCF students to practice their craft as storytellers while collecting and documenting the cultural histories of marginalized communities. This effort affects change in the lives of our students and underscores the University's five goals. In collaboration with community-based art groups and close partnership with the internationally renowned annual Zora Neale Hurston Festival of the Arts and Humanities (Zora Festival) in the Town of Eatonville, we are beginning to bring local and national interest to the Institute.

Browse our website and view the variety of projects. You can also find us on UCF-TV (click original programs, then Profiles), Bright House Networks Digital Cable Channel 1/UCF TV/WBCC and YouTube, (check UCF-TV for others).

Please join us in creating cultural identity, sustaining community heritage and empowering communities with a donation to the UCF Foundation earmarked for the Zora Neale Hurston Institute for Documentary Studies account. Thanks for your interest and support.

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